Faith Cummings

Faith Cummings

I'm a journalist.

Journalist specializing in Beauty, Bridal, Celebrity Style, Fashion, Health, and Lifestyle.

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55416f3765f60 one woman on what you should and shouldnt wear 072814 xl 1 article

This Is What Women Want You to Wear (And Not Wear)

Because sometimes women know best....

Landscape 1432242946 dial up internet style article

Dial-Up Internet Knew More About Style Than You Thought

This is how '90s Internet culture created today's biggest fashion trends....

Landscape 1431117209 esq mothersday2 article

Thanks For Making Me Stylish, Mom

Billy Reid, Todd Snyder, and eight other menswear insiders on what their mothers taught them about style....

Landscape 1433355714 ent cc 064 article

What 'Entourage' Can Teach You About Style

Costume designer Olivia Miles breaks down the most important style lessons from the 'Entourage' movie....

Landscape 1432063888 brain upload article

The Key to Immortality May Be Uploading Your Brain

Computer scientist Ray Kurzweil believes we'll soon live forever....

54d945f46405a   share snmksi article

Watch Arthur C. Clarke Predict the Smartwatch in This 1976 Video

It's no secret that Arthur C. Clarke was a prescient futurist, but this video of him predicting the smartwatch is still uncanny....

54cdab298d639   esq 01 new york fashion week photography 2013 mdn article

New York Fashion Week in Pictures, Part III

Photographer Noah Emrich documents the happenings at the fall/winter 2013 shows...

Landscape 1432157179 greatest jokes 01 article

The Greatest Jokes Ever Told

Or at least the greatest, funniest jokes chosen by 22 of the funniest comics working stand-up today....

Landscape 1431789871 esquire predicts history flying cars article

A Brief History of the Flying Car

For centuries, man has dreamt of taking his hotrod to the skies....


The Very Best Socks Known To Man

A man pays attention to his shoes, but what's between them and their feet? Not as much. In this episode of Manufacture, we tour Corgi, makers of fine hosiery....